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Tango Roto


John Krook & Nina Krook
John Krook & Nina Krook

Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, September 12-13 & 18-20.2009

Sello Hall, Espoo, December 4th 2010


TANGO ROTO is a modern Finnish tango show which tells a story of a life; a story of how

nothing is enough while we're aiming at perfection. And a story of how in the end, in the

middle of this chaos, we understand the beauty of simple things and their perfection.


The coreography of Tango Roto is made by the very best of Argentinian tango in Finland

Nina and John Krook. Their joined on stage by Euro Dance Contest and British Open Rising

Star winners Jussi Väänänen and Katja Koukkula as well as dancer Daniel Suominen.


The music is played by Johanna Juhola Reaktori orchester whose music is composed for

this show by Johanna Juhola as well as Milla Viljamaa. Johanna Juhola has won the

International Astor Piazzolla competition twice and has composed modern tango to eg. the

opening number of Eurovision song contest 2007.


The visual image of the show is based on the photos of Janne Mikkilä. Mikkilä is known as a

visionary photographer who works with mainly with marketing. He has also a strong

reputation as a travel photographer. The visual image of the show is directed by Valo



The form of Tango Roto will be given a finishing touch by Minna Vainikainen who has

directed various shows which have been praised for their freshness of thinking eg. in Qteatteri

(Helsinki), at the Savonlinna Opera Festival as well as the Eurovision song contest

interlude in 2007 with cello quartet Apocalyptica as its stars.


The group behind Tango Roto was granted financial support from Suomen Kulttuurirahasto,

Helsingin Kulttuurikeskus, ESEK and Luses to make this production possible.

Tango Roto

Argentiinalainen Tango - Tango Argentino 
John Krook & Nina Krook & Hanna Korpela. Foto Copyright  Kristian Suomalainen, Tarmo Valmela, Risto Ovaskainen, Leena Klemelä and Janne Mikkilä.
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