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John, Nina & Hanna

John Krook & Nina Krook
John & Nina Krook

Passion for Tango

Nina Krook, John Krook and Hanna Korpela have danced  all their lives. When they concentrated on Argentinean Tango in the beginning of  the1990s there had hardly  been any Argentinean Tango in Helsinki for decades.
In Finland they have created several performances, including Siempre Tango based on Astor Piazzolla´s Tango Nuevo. Nina, John and Hanna have teached and performed in several countries, not only attended The Paris-Banlieues Tango Festival, 3. International London Tango Festival and Campionato del Mondo Tango Argentino in Rimini Italy 2003 (7. prize) but also in Sweden, Norway and Estonia. At home they have been a part of  Helsinki Festivals, Kausitinen Folk Music Festival, Kuopio Dance Festival and Sata-Häme Music Festival. In 2006 Nina and John represented Finland in the Tango Dance World Championships in Buenos Aires in the category of stage tango.
2009 John and Nina  danced their coreographies in "Tango Roto" based on Johanna Juhola´s modern Finnish tango. November 2009 they performed again in London International Tango Festival.
November 2010 John and Nina performad in TV in Dancing With the Stars of Finland.

John Krook & Hanna Korpela
Hanna Korpela & John Krook

John Krook & Nina Krook
Third London International Tango Festival 2001: John & Nina Krook

John Krook & Nina Krook
Fifth London International Tango Festival 2009, John & Nina Krook

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