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Piazzolla Passage

Johanna Juhola & Milla Viljamaa

Jumo Jazz Club 20.11.2003

Milla Viljamaa, Johanna Juhola, Nina & John Krook



Johanna Juhola (accordion) and Milla Viljamaa (piano) are urban fusion-folk musicians of the young generation. They began their collaboration at the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy where they both continue to study in 2001. Most of the pieces at this moment are by Astor Piazzolla and Johanna Juhola. Overall the duo´s repertoire does not have an overriding theme or any special restrictions to what they perform: the duo´s idiosyncratic arranging and performing style merges influences from tango nuevo, jazz and the folk music of various countries. There is also room for variation and improvisation.

In october 2002 the duo acchieved signifigant recognition by winning the International "Città di Castelfidardo" Award Astor Piazzolla Music Section. Johanna and Milla have also been appearing together with ´Tango Princess´ Kukka-Maaria Ahonen under the name Las Chicas del Tango since 2002.

Duo´s first album "Piazzolla Passage" was released by Warner Music Finlandia Records in November 2003.


Milla Viljamaa (piano), Johanna Juhola (accordion)
 Nina Krook & John Krook (dance)
Jumo Jazz Club Helsinki 20.11.2003

Johanna Juhola

Milla Viljamaa

Argentiinalainen Tango - Tango Argentino 
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